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Automatic Toothbrush Packing Machine

This is a versatile and reliable automatic blister packing machine, applicable to toothbrush, battery, stationery, medical Instruments, toys, small hardware, electronics parts and finished products, automotive parts, household applications, cosmetics and other cardboard and plastic blister package, such as Injector, model vehicle, clipper, flashlight, battery, spark ignition plug, lipstick, coat hook, cleaning balls, razors, correction fluid tube, pencil and the like. 



Model HW-TBP500A
Rating Output 12-15 Punch/Minute, 12 pcs/Stroke
Assembly Dimensions 7500*780*1900mm
Net weight Appropriate  2.5T
Molding Area 250*420 mm
Ambient Temperature 1830
Power Supply 3-Phrase 380V 50 Hz
Compressed Air Pressure  0.6 MPa
Max. Current  20 A
Max. Power  12 kw

  1. PLC-based control system and Color LCD + touch screen HMI;
  2. Driven by server motor, pneumatics system and film gripper chain;
  3. Simple modular construction and easy transportation, debugging, operation, maintenance and repair;
  4. Workstations integrated on one assembly for streamline production;
  5. Photoelectronic sensing, alert when shortage of PVC sheet or cardboard takes place;
  6. Separate location of plastic film rolls and printed cardboard feeding saves much packing materials;
  7. High safety design with door interlock, the machine stops whenever improper opening of door happens.
  8. Lightweight chassis made out of Aluminum profile.捨一流企业就职机会只为当肉便器的美少女出道了捨一流企业就职机会只为当肉便器的美少女出道了,诱惑已婚女教师百合子“性”的积极指导-第二学期将胆小的学诱惑已婚女教师百合子“性”的积极指导-第二学期将胆小的学,丽卡(Reika)的家是大排扣已婚妇女,她已经完成了航丽卡(Reika)的家是大排扣已婚妇女,她已经完成了航
  9. Automatic leftover collection

  1. High Speed and Highly efficient automatic streamline thermoforming and packing Assembly;
  2. Advantages of saving space, time, laborious work, packing materials and minimizing productive cost in consequence;
  3. Whole process controlled by Microcomputer (PLC based); easy for technical parameters adjustment and production management;
  4. No need of blister prepared in advance, thermoforming and packing and trimming job are doing automatically on the integrated machine once for all; 
  5. Film gripper convey chain ensure stable film feeding and convey, more reliable than circulating mould seats;
  6. Environmentally friendly with automatic leftover collection mechanism;
  7. A versatile packing assembly, with which user can process other products  just by changeover of moulds.

      We provide user with service of customization of Design and Fabricating tooling, mould and auto-feeder as per user’s request and depending on the actual conditions of the products to be processed.

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